The Dish and the Spoon

This movie was alright. It was such an indie find.

My biggest complaint with a low budget artsy movie is the amount of transportation that is shown. I would rather watch an hour of a movie with little or no driving around town scenes than a 2 hour movie with minutes and more consecutive minutes of a person getting to a location. We understand that they didn’t magically appear. We are not stupid. A little scenery for mood setting, and move on!  

I like Greta Gerwig. She is so real. She has such a cool way of relate-ably expressing her emotions.
This guy, Olly Alexander was captivating. He has a very cool feel. He is so young, but the confidence still drips off him.  He seems self assured, but not cocky yet. We will see what happens, but I like him right now.

5 questions answered:
1. What are you favorite Gretta Gerwig movies in order (best to worst)?
·         Damsels in Distress- Loved this one.
·         Lola Versus
·         Frances Ha
·         Hanna Takes the Stairs
·         Greenberg- I was not impressed.

2. Was this a romance?
No. It had romantic elements, but not a romantic love story. Olly Alexander is too young to be hot. He is more like a doll with his large blue eyes, but kind of cute.

3. What was the best part?
The main character, Rose, and her anger. I love a good break up. This movie exposed how much Rose loved her husband by showing how much she hated him. I loved these phone calls she would make to her husband, so full of raging madness compared to her broken hearted composure during the rest of the scenes.

4. What did I like the least?
The end. Spoiler ahead: I thought she should have built up enough confidence throughout the movie to leave her cheating husband. I would have liked that better.

5. Fashion commentary
·         She wears her pajamas for the first day or so, but also a warm red hat. I like the detail of that. She was mad enough to leave her home immediately, but she had the foresight to bring her hat.
·         I like her wedding photo. It made me smile to see the vintage dress.

·         That boy’s dress was atrocious! 


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