Rectify Season 1

Beautiful  and clean Tears are the companion to the TV show Rectify. This show was on the Sundance channel and only had 6 episodes. I got hooked and bought them from amazon, but it is now on Netflix!

The captivating story of a man released from death row after serving more than half his life drew me in. It was so powerful and unpolluted, that I felt like I was seeing life through his eyes for a while after I watched it.

5 questions answered
1. What is so unique about Rectify?
It produces a feeling of new curiosity. The storyline is so different from what I have seen. If a person gets released from jail, it is not the same as death row. To live a life knowing that you will be dead is something everyone lives with, but doesn’t think about consistently. To live with the knowledge that you are going to die imminently is a different story. And then to be released from that hanging sword above your head must be even stranger. It shows the unrealized potential of living reinvigorated into this man- boy that was condemned to die. This show is quite beautiful and wild, but it also captures flawless clean shots and sequences. It is very artsy to say the least, and the acting is just amazing.

2. Is it hard to watch?
Yes, at times, I just wanted to look away. I fell in love with the characters too much. But, I loved them, so I have to root for them and watch. You also know it is stupid to let your heart out to them, because it feels doomed to be broken.

The cool thing is that the main character was in jail during most of the technology boom. So, he never held a cell phone or learned how to make adult decisions. There was never any reason to learn that. When he gets released, he sees this world for almost the first time. The things we take for granted, are the things that he sees as new. For me it is cool, not boring, and I felt like his naivety and wonder transferred to me a little. I love when a movie or TV show can change my personal outlook.

3. Did he do the crime? Spoiler ahead:
We don’t know! I hope the second season, which starts June 19, 2014 will clear some of this up. Right now, it is up to the viewer to decide.

4. Who does that main guy Daniel Holden played by Aden Young remind me of?
Tom Hardy, but more American. If you watch, you will see what I mean.

5. Should you watch this with your sister? Boyfriend?
One of my sister’s loved it. The other one was too scared of the brutality inflicted on him in jail to even start it. I think they went for shock value a little, but nothing as bad as True Blood, in my opinion.

My boyfriend doesn’t like artsy dramas, so it is not for him. I would suggest it for any artistic or film oriented kind of guy though. It isn’t a chick flick by any means.


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