Safety Not Guaranteed

One of my all-time favorite movies.

When I saw this free screening of this movie, nobody was in the theater. Many demographics of people were scattered thorough out the theater, but there were more empty chairs than people. At one point in the movie, we all were leaning forward with anticipation. I really did not know what was going to happen.

This movie was sweet, funny, magical, and captivating. You can watch it on Netflix, and please do!

5 questions answered:

1. Why attracted me to see this movie in the first place?
Mark Duplass from “the League” was in it. I like him. Audrey Plaza was in it, and she is in one of my favorite shows, “Parks and Rec”. And if that wasn’t enough, Jake Johnson from “New Girl” was in it. I also like that show.

2. Did I love it?
YES! I bought the DVD. I even have watched it more than once. This movie is heartfelt and funny. What more could you want?

3. What is my favorite line?
“You take my hand, and I will show you who can’t time travel!”

4. Should I watch this movie with the girls? Boyfriend?
Yes to both. My friends and my boyfriend all liked it.

5. Is it mumblecore?
Actually no. Mumblecore is a genre that Mark Duplass and his brother started. It is supposed to feel more real, because the general scene is set, but there is no script.  The characters get to the point organically. I believe I read somewhere that the Duplass brother’s hate this term. I do like that concept, but this was a scripted movie that doesn’t really fit into any genre.


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