This movie sucked. It was a waste of time. Please skip it. I had low expectations, but it didn’t even meet those.
I thought it had a little bit of potential. I do love Harrison Ford, and that little Thor, Liam Hemsworth is super cute. But, it was poorly scripted, badly acted, and just stupid in certain parts. The action was predictable and I was bored.
1. Should you watch it?
No. Might as well choose a classic fun heist/action movie like Ocean’s 11 or American Outlaws. Or if you are in a Harrison Ford mood, I like Morning Glory. It was sweet, and he was funny with heart.

2. Was Laim Hems-worth it?
Not at all. His acting was stiff, and his shirtless scenes were minimal.

3. Worst Part about this movie?
It had potential to be good.  Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, come one! Wasted acting talent. They didn’t give them enough screen time, and it was rushed.

4. Amber Heard?
She is interesting in herself because she is engaged to Johnny Depp. But in this movie she was generic. She could have been replaced with blond skinny actress, and nobody would have noticed.

5. Should they make a sequel?

Yes. They should make one fraction worse, and it can be a spoof.


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