Short Term 12

Short Term 12 hmmmm. I know that this movie is getting fantastic reviews. I can see why the critics are clamoring. They love the purity of the acting, and the bursts of emotions that can’t be contained.
I can see why it is good, but I can also say it was a little bit boring. They could have revealed more about the characters faster, and it would still have worked. Brie Larson is magnetic. I will give her that. She is a cool actress, doing indies like this and popping up on “Community”. She was mesmerizing in “United States of Tara”, and I always wanted to know more about her character. She did well in this movie.

5 questions answered:
1. What is my biggest complaint?
It has to do with the plot. SPOILER Ahead: She does eventually open up about her past. Which is momentous, because her goal incudes getting another character to open up about their past. BUT, why didn’t she tell her fiancĂ©? He is the one that helps her get to that point. She could have shared it him first. That really bothered me.

2. Would I see it again?
No. once is more than enough.

3.  Why is it boring?
It just drags on too long. We get it! Move onto the next part. We don’t need to see her ride her bike for a million years. We already know she is a simple hipster girl that does not care enough about her appearance to comb her hair. Done and done. Her not so hidden talent of drawing isn’t helping either.

4. Should you watch this movie with your sister? Boyfriend?
No. My sister loves chick flicks and indies, but this would not be her cup of tea. Too much nothingness happens.
No to boyfriend too. There are some romantic parts, but it mostly drama. My boyfriend would hate it.

5. Did I like this movie?

I will say this even though it is blasphemes to dislike a little indie film like this. Not really. I do see the appeal of the acting, and the simple camera set ups. It has that feeling of real life, which can be hard to capture on film. I did enjoy parts of the movie, but overall it was nothing I would want to watch again.


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